I’m back (for real)

23 Jun 2015

I haven’t updated this blog in 3 years (even after saying I would in the last post) and that’s my fault.

A few things have changed. I’m single, dropped the Janus project and I started working on several projects like Chell, Sakis3g and my own custom micro-Linux. So far I only got somewhere with the first two.

Chell is a modified Intel Video Driver for their integrated chip sets. I created it because I wanted to play Portal at a reasonable speed and without needing some special tool to do so. I failed at the latter, but Chell quickly became better and faster as I worked on it. I (re)discovered a few tricks and started using them with the driver too. It’s still in development, but I think it’ll reach it’s maximum optimizability soon - for a generic driver at least. When that happens I’ll write a few posts on how to modify a driver. I also created a forum for people to talk about it or seek support.

Sakis3g source has also grown a bit. I never expected others would find it useful - I wasn’t getting much love on the usb-modeswitch forum for trying to revive the project in the first place. Not that that’s a new thing since I never got much love for Janus either. But I digress, it’s my most successful project on Github and I’m happy people find my effort useful.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more soon.