SliTaz Packages

You can install these by downloading them and installing them with the tazpkg install command or double clicking on it to bring up the installer program - the packages should install their dependencies from the SliTaz repository automatically.
Example: tazpkg install sakis3g-s4.tazpkg

Featured Packages

ManaPlus - ManaPlus is a TMW client created and maintained by 4144 which adds many features the default provided client (called mana) lacked. Some of the features include buggy server protection, more emoticons, a spellbook and key binding for spells, client optimizations and many more. This is now the OFFICIAL client of TMW and EvolOnline :)

Firefox 4.0 - This provides the Firefox 4 upgrade and install package. I’m not sure how well it works without installing the old Firefox so use this package at your own risk. You can updated it to Firefox 21 by going to Help —> About Firefox and clicking Check for Update. Hosted externally on

Sakis3g-s4 - Sakis3g for SliTaz 4 Stable flavours. Use this if you want to get online using your 3G modem and the default SliTaz method does not work. This version includes ALL the requirements needed for sakis3g to work with an updated device database. Enjoy!


pptview 8.0.6 - This package provides a way to view your powerpoint presentations on SliTaz. Requires Wine to work fully, but otherwise provides everything you may need, including a shortcut in your lxpanel menu.

Shake-fs 0.999 - This is a defragmentation tool for Linux systems. Although fragmentation is rare on modern day thanks to journaling used by ext3 or ext4, it does still happen. Shake-fs provides an easy solution to it. Do remember to clear your web browser’s cache before using it or you’ll get false results!

XAutolock 2.1 - This application allows you to have a program run automatically after a set amount of time of inactivity on the computer. Normally this is used to lock the system, but it can also be used for a screensaver using something like xlockmore with locking disabled.


Micropolis - Micropolis is basically the open source version of the well known First SimCity game with a TCL/TK interface. So if you want to relive the good old days of SimCity, then this is the game for you!

Xinvaders3d - This is the classic invaders game in, well, from a first person wire-frame 3d perspective. This gets bundled with another small distro (Puppy Linux, I believe) and there was a request for this game on the SliTaz forums. So here it is in all it’s packaged glory - enjoy!


Desmume 0.9.5 - Desmume is a Nintendo DS emulator that comes with a GTK and Glade frontends. It’s currently the one with the highest support rate around.

Gens 2.15 - Gens is a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator with rom and iso support. It’s the fastest Genesis emulator around even though it doesn’t support the largest range of games.

Kega Fusion 3.63 - This is the ultimate Sega system platform emulator with support for the Sega SG1000, SC3000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive, SegaCD/MegaCD and 32X systems. If it’s made by Sega and you have the rom/iso for it, give it a go with this emulator!

Mednafen 0.8.9 - Mednafen is a multi-system emulator that supports many Game Boy, Lynx, NES, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, Neo Geo Pocket, PC-FX, and WonderSwan games. My personal favorite for most of those platforms. This package includes the python driven Mednafenfe to give users a simple front end to work with.

PSCX DF 1.816 - PSCX provides a simple PSX emulator with the ability to read discs and isos with configurable setup and plugins to enhance the experience. It must also be noted that PS2 games may also be playable with the use of a PS2 bios file.

Snes9x GTK 1.52 - This a SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator that aims for precision in emulation rather than speed. This gives it the ability to run many games that other SNES emulators (like ZSNES) can’t. A known bug with this package is when you change the sound driver the sound will stop working. Just restart the emulator to correct this. To correct any jittering in the sound, also increase the Buffer size to 120 milliseconds or greater.

VisualboyAdvance GTK 1.8.0 - VBA GTK is a Nintendo Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance emulator that supports a large range of games. Please note that this package includes the GTK front-end with the base VisualboyAdvance cli emulator to make it easier to install and use.

Yabause GTK 0.9.10 - Yabause is a Sega Saturn Emulator with iso and disc reading capabilities. It supports a large range of games made for the Saturn, so give it a go!


Game Conqueror 0.11 - This is a cheating program for games. It works by searching for numerical values within the memory the game occupies and then allows you to change and lock these values. This can in effect boost the money, ammo and health within a game amongst other things.

TinyFugue 4.0 - My personal favourite terminal based MUD client for Linux included in all it’s glory. It comes with all the features you expect and one you learn how to use it, it becomes a breeze to use.

XChat-Extras 2.8.8 - This package provides the missing TCL and Python Scripting Interfaces to the SliTaz XChat package, which will allow you to use modules written in either languages to extend the client.

Zlib1g - This is a common requirement of many emulators to allow the loading of zipped roms. Install it if you really need this feature. ;)