My Projects

This is where I placed all my smaller programs and hacks that don’t really warrant a whole page dedicated to them. So Please feel free to browse through them - You may find something you like ;)


This is some of my collection of All-out-war scripts, I chose to only use open source and my own creations here. Several people helped me during the creation of my version and I would like to thank all of them for their contributions. Their credits is included in my versions :)

AOW 1.2 - This is a reconstruction from old archives to show AOW still in it’s early stages of it’s development by TiTaN. I kind of put it together because I wanted to ‘taste’ a bit of the history of the game I was developing on.

AOW 1.6b - This is the actual Open Source copy released by TiTaN himself (read the Readme inside if you don’t believe me). Many people might claim to own copyright on AOW, but here is the proof that TiTaN willingly made it open source and thus still owns copyright on ALL copies that still use ANY of his code. Even my heavily modified copy (around 90% new or revamped code) still uses some of the original code by TiTaN.

AOW 5.6 beta - This is the ‘final’ release I did and is probably the one most people use or modify. This contains allot of my code fixes to correct several issues that was found in the original code.

AOW 5.7 alpha - This is the never released copy of my AOW, this version’s aim was to fix the “path bugs” and add custom colours. I succeeded in both, but the integration of custom colours required serious revamping of many of the areas, which I didn’t get to. This a fixer upper for anybody that wants it.

AOW Quickfix - This is the way to fix current issues with the above AOW copies (just copy these files into the same folder as AOW’s files and mirc.exe). You use this with mIRC 6.3 and up to fix the path issue, but it’s also recommended that you put AOW in a folder directly on C: (example: C:AOW). Note that AOW 5.7 alpha doesn’t suffer from this issue.

If all else fails, go to and grab a copy of mIRC 6.21.

Anope Modules

Note: These only work for the 1.8.* or lower branches of Anope. They’re won’t work with the newly rewritten Anope 1.9.* branch.

LoveServ - I kind of wrote this because somebody once told me that the defaults were boring so I revamped the code, fixed the compile errors and randomized many of the functions. This is the product, so enjoy! :)

os_forceanal - I kind of wrote this out of frustration and with a wicked sense of humour. FORCEANAL stands for FORCEd Authetication Nullifier And Logout and like it’s name suggests, it forcefully logs users out of NickServ. I originally wrote this because one of my opers kept leaving SuperAdmin enabled the whole time. This taught them a lesson ;)

os_svsnick_sa - I developed this module because two things in Anope bothered me when using this command. Firstly, this command was only restricted to Services Roots and secondly, you need to set SuperAdmin before being allowed to use it. This module changes the restriction to Services Admin and removes the need for SuperAdmin completely.

Eggdrop Scripts

Chanstats - This is a rewrite of arfer’s chanstats script to be simpler and more user-friendly. It was rewritten in part to be a Denora replacement and one of the identifying features I added was that the commands now assume defaults where before it had to be provided and it outputs to notice instead of the channel. I also altered the way it displayed the stats to make it more Denora-like. Used in co-junction with my logger script and pisg, this script provides a pretty good Denora replacement - so go on and use it! ;)

Fmylife - I stopped developing this script. Please use the awesome script by Speechless that you can find @ instead.

Incith-horoscope - This is the recoded script I did because mid-december 2009 the website that allowed the original script to work stopped publishing their daily html based forecasts, so made it use the rss feeds instead and fix a few bugs. This the result.

Logger - This is another rewrite I’ve done to output to mIRC’s log format better and I added a channel flag check, so it can be set to log on a per channel. This works great with pisg and when used in co-junction with my above chanstats rewrite, provides a pretty effective Denora replacement.

Qdbs Script - This is a rewrite of the quotefetcher script by DJ Grenola, but made to work with the qdbs quote database system. It only works with the newer standard themes and refuses to work if the layout is too different. For a script with better support for all layouts, use the one provides by Jobe on the site.

Urban Dictionary - This is a rewrite of perpleXa script to fit my needs with a few bug fixes thrown for good measure. It comes bundled with http.tcl and fsck.tcl so you don’t have to go looking for them. It comes in two flavours: Modern and Classic. Use urband.tcl to get the Modern look & feel - which I prefer - or use urband2.tcl to get the ‘Classic’ perpleXa look and feel. I also have a version that looks similiar to the Modern version, but doesn’t require fsck.tcl to work. You can get it here.

GameServ IRC

GameServ IRC 1.3.5 Fixed - This is the GameServ IRC version with my help bug fix applied. It’s a pretty good RPG based on the old Legends of the Red Dragon (LORD) BBS game so compile it and play it already! ;)

mIRC Scripts

Mudclient 1.6b - This is the current most version of my mIRC Mudclient I built so I could chat while gaming away on IRC. It’s coded for speed, has numpad walking, full colours and spaces, multiple connections, built in logging, different fonts and more!

Mudbot 2 - This is a bot addon based on my Mudclient’s code, but made so that it’s client independent (for the players anyway) because it works through DCC Chat instead. Please note that you will require permission from the MUD’s Admin or host before using this script.


Addons Pack - This is a package filled with the UnrealIRCd modules I tend to use with my servers conveniently put all in one place with a bulk installer (./build) for all of them and a sample.conf with all the things you need to add to unrealircd.conf for them to work. This is the netadmin that wants better protection out of the their UnrealIRCd, but don’t want to take forever installing the best modules one by one.