Some Updates

15 Sep 2012

Most of you will notice that that I haven’t updated this blog in nearly a year.
This is about to change.

First off, I have moved this site from its previous host, which has been having trouble with Flatpress, to my spanking new host run by Squirm. I have updated all the SliTaz packages for SliTaz 4 since I’ve moved over to it from SliTaz 3 nearly 6 months ago and I added a few new ones to the mix. Hopefully later to day I will update to the newest ManaPlus client when it comes out in a few hours.

Trix-Janus is also doing well and I have made several big changes - the biggest of which was adding several new server modules. I hope by next weekend to add the obscure Bahamut IRCd to that mix too.

Anyway, thanks for browsing my site and I’ll see you all real soon ;)

  • Posted by trixarian